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With the idea „a body as a spiritual image of a man“ he is making his nudities in virtue of quite managed technique and the truth of a portraited person. The pictures as „The power of consciousness“, „The crucifixion of an ego“ … mostly point out deep spiritual truth that all our life is controlled by our heart.

In his pictures the author often associates perfection of body shapes with rigorous perfection and simplicity of the cross. The cross in his pictures is understood like a symbol of the transform to the world of existence which is hidden in most people.
Further among others the author is interested in landscape-painting however how he says himself it is rather as relieving and abreaction in his activity. As a painter of animated humour and contributor for major Czech humorous magazines between whiles he is painting a picture with funny shade. (The Punch´s little grave …)
There is a question I personally asked him: „How is it possible that on the one hand you are painting pictures with the strong spiritual hidden meaning catching the beauty and delicacy of a woman body and on the other hand jokes in which there is not any lack for black humour?“ He answered: „A man should touch all the life situations he is afraid of and which are unpleasant for him so that in the real life he would manage to face to them better. And in my opinion the animated humour is useful to it.“ With his pictures he wants with his heart open to show to sensible people which way the real principle embodied by the perfection of godly work baldfaced behind the prejudices, which should hide imperfection of human spirit, has been wending. Until recently it had been possible to see and buy the pictures only by the author.
He has been taking part in some international painting pleners, symposiums and his activity has been reaching abroad.


Sumperk (CZ) The Literature Tearoom - author's show
Jesenik (CZ) The Water Donjon - common show of art and crafts named The Last Point
Veike Losiny (CZ) The Castle of Velke Losiny - author's show
Michalovce (SK) The MsKS Gallery - common show of members of international painter's symposiom
Zubri (CZ) - common show of painters from the humorous magazine Vyskerak
Michalovce (SK) The MsKS Gallery - author's show
Usov (CZ) The Bonsai Gallery - author's show named The Nudes
Sumperk (CZ) The Sumperk Theatre - author's show
Hohenberg (A) common show of members of international painter's symposiom
Prag (The Jediná Gallery) common show

Other activities
Michalovce (SK) Interest in the IV year of international symposium in Michalovce
Since March he has been one of the founder members of Association for cultural-art activity ART-KOLEGIUM registered by Home Office intented on the activity, literary, theatrical, musical, aesthetic, exhibitory, ….
Hohenberg (A) International symposium called „Cultural synthesis in Kreativdorf Hohenberg“ (Lower Austria)
Spišské Podhradie (SK) Interest in the I year of international painter's symposiom.

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